Saturday, December 24, 2011

Simberry Fields Yuletide Festival

There was a tremendous turn out of the annual Simberry Fields Yuletide Festival. Sims from across the city - and across SimNation - came for the festivities. The highlights of the event included a tree-lighting ceremony, and performances by numerous musicians. The performance by national super stars Aerial Bionic put the crowd in a frenzy.

Jimmie Paige took the stage and rocked the crowd.

After the show, Jimmie caught up with Aerial Bionic's Trevor Yates to talk shop.

Before the presentation of A Christmas Carol, Amelie White of Port Manteau caught up with an old family friend, Simberry native BriAnna McBride.

And later, BriAnna showed some displeasure in her son Gabriel's choice of attire out in the cold winter air.

Meanwhile, S'Ahmisa and Si'Enya Warwick of Apple Valley enjoyed the music, and spent time between shows enjoying nature.

And later, after the concert was over, S'Ahmisa struck up a conversation with Gabriel about Aerial Bionic's spectacular performance.

Another visitor from Apple Valley, Ginger Grey spent the majority of the evening catching up with her old friend Neeve Boudin-Bexley.

Ginger was in the neighborhood to chaperone a group of perspective Mount Branyon University students from Apple Valley: Annie and Bryant Grey, and Amanda Winsloff. The students had taken a break from touring the University, just long enough to come enjoy the festival, and see University student's in action in the A Christmas Carol performance.

Meanwhile, Audrey DeBarbarak and Joe Deveraux (from Simberry Fields and Simberry's sub-hood, Monreauxville Crossing, respectively) were deep in what appeared to be an interesting conversation.

And off in the trees, Gabriel McBride and Port Manteau's Amelie White - ahem - caught up....

... But managed to compose themselves long enough to say hello to the camera.


  1. Wow, wonderful festival, I really love what you did with the Apple Valley simmies, I will have to get a list of all the CC you used for them, their makeovers look great.

  2. I love what you did with the festival. It looked like loads of fun. And to see sims from other hoods was a great surprise.

  3. It was a lot of fun to work on! I think the simmies had a good time, and I was thrilled to have Simberry host sims from other neighborhoods!