Sunday, September 23, 2012

College Days -- Annie Grey, Anouk Bramley, Rakesh Pratap

"Well Professor Outridge, if we look at this situation mathematically, a whole chronology with each new discovery falling into a simple algorithm...."


"... and each of discovery being equally part of a whole...."


"... the whole being seven, which is of course a very important number...."


"Yes, Professor?"

Professor Outridge rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I appreciate your candor, but, well...."

"What he's trying to say, Chris, is you do realize you're not in math class, right? This is History of Simlish Civilization." Rakesh chimed in. 

Christoph appeared taken aback. "Yeah, but, you can always..."

"No. Algorithms don't matter here."

"Well, they...."



Rakesh held up his hands."Just no."

Professor Outridge cleared his throat. “Alright, now, after that little detour…. Annie. You look like you wanted to say something before we, eh, got off track."

"Yes, Professor,” Annie Grey smiled from her seat at the front of the class. “I can see where Christoph is coming from, but I think in this context, the common usage of the term 'Livin' Large' was more of a metaphor for improving one's lot in life through adding new sims, new careers, and new items to your life. Not to mention the fact that it was a time of great fantasy. I mean, zombies, genies and clowns? That's just my take on it, of course."

Professor Outridge looked extremely pleased. "You're right on track, Annie. Good work. Well, that's about all we can tackle for today. See you all on Thursday, and make sure you have your essays on the history and rabid spread of the Guinea Pig Virus ready to turn in! Remember, I want 2,000 words!"

After class, a few of the students congregated in the library to try to get a jump on Professor's Outridge's essay.

"Outridge gets a bit slap-happy with the viruses and diseases, doesn’t he?” Rakesh sighed, milling over the books, running his finger along the spines.”

"Well, yeah!” Anouk snorted, “2,000 words?! On the Guinea Pig Plague?! Is he kidding?"

"Oh, I don't think it'll be that bad. We have enough materiel on the subject,” Annie said, motioning to the large stack of books beside them.

“Ever the optimist, Annie,” said Anouk, picking up one of the books and flipping it open. She coughed as dust erupted from the pages.

"What's there to write on, really?” Rakesh went on, maneuvering another large pile of books beside the table, managing to drop them on the floor before ever reaching their table. He sighed as he gathered them up. “Just don't own guinea pigs, that's all. They’re nasty little creatures."

"Rakesh, you do realize that the virus has been eradicated, right?"

"Yeah, sure, that’s what they tell us. My father’s medical director at Simberry Grace, and he says viruses mutate all the time! Old diseases come back, new ones form… I’m not taking any chances. You won’t catch me within five-hundred yards of a guinea pig!”

Anouk fixed him in an unenthusiastic stare. She looked like she was going to protest, but ended up simply rolling her eyes. “Anyway. How are you other classes going, Annie?”

“Very well, I think. My Ancient History classes are probably the most interesting!”

Anouk peered at Annie from over the dusty book. “Are you still thinking about majoring in Archeology?”

“I am.”

“Well Mount Branyon has a good program, apparently.”

Rakesh agreed. “A cousin of mine graduated with a degree in Archeology a few years ago, and now he works in Romania! But there’re always interesting finds closer to home, too….”

“Me, I’d rather be in Romania than Simberry. At least with my father around….”

“Still campaigning for you to go into Medicine, Rakesh, is he?” All Rakesh did was grumble. Anouk nodded her understanding, and said “You can’t blame him, really – I mean, Law is such a pedestrian career choice. Not challenging, or interesting, nor does it contribute in any way to society.”

Rakesh glowered as Anouk gave him a cheeky grin, and Annie chuckled. “It’s not funny!” He protested. “He just doesn’t get it. I don’t want to go into medicine like him and mom… and Raj… and Naveen… and Deepti….”

“Jeez. Not like you had your way cut out for you or anything.” 

“And it isn’t like I’m just skating through school! In addition to History of Simlish Civilization, which has to be the easiest, even with Christoph’s constant interruption and Professor Outridge’s insane essays, I have Finance and Logic, Political Science and my Public Speaking class….”

“Do you ever have time for fun?” Annie inquired. 

“I do not! When I’m not in class, I’m working on homework, when I’m not working on homework I’m studying for the next exam, when I’m not studying, I’m practicing my speeches, when I’m not practicing speeches, I’m ignoring phone calls from my father imploring me to switch majors!”

“You could always take a night off,” Annie suggested.

“Yeah,” Anouk agreed, “Annie and I and some of our dorm-mates are throwing a party tonight! There’ll be music and dancing, food, games….”

“And not a single phone-call from your father.” Annie offered with a smile.

Rakesh seemed to debate this for a moment, a grin growing on his face. “Yeah,” he agreed finally, “I think I can make time for that!”


  1. Wow, look at Annie all growed up :) its great to see your college kids and see what happens with Rakesh.

    1. Annie's been a joy to have in my game! I apologize it took me this long to have a blog post centering on her! But yes, she's getting along quite well! :D